【Management principle】
We always operate based on “Once-in-a-lifetime encounter”, and provide joy and smiles to all our stakeholders.

Company Profile

We have been selling products on major e-commerce sites in Japan. And this time we have joined a powerful sales team to expand our business of importing and selling overseas products into Japan.

This will ensure the distribution of your great products within Japan.

Shigeya Morita – CEO

Message From CEO

There are high barriers for foreign companies to increase their brand value and maximize their sales in Japan, not only because of the unique Japanese culture and language, but also because of the different business practices.

I have more than 30 years of advanced sales experience and achievements in Japan, and have also been involved in physical store development and product marketing.

With our rich experience and knowledge, we promise to maximize your brand value in Japan.

Kazuma Hayashi — ADVISOR

Advisor Profile

Interpreter and Sales representative.

eBay Certified Consultant

He has experienced in negotiations at trade shows in many countries.

Our Achievements


Makuake is Japan’s largest crowdfunding platform, created in 2013, with over 22,000 projects launched and 1.9 million members as of 2022!
Our team has a strategy to promote your product on this most major crowdfunding platform and strengthen your branding in Japan.


GREEN FUNDING is a crowdfunding platform operated by the TSUTAYA Group, a large Japanese company, and features a crowdfunding service that utilizes a huge network.
The average funding amount per project is 3.92 million Japanese yen.


CAMPFIRE is Japan’s largest crowdfunding platform, with more than 76,000 projects launched, 9.7 million supporters, and 72 billion Japanese yen in support.
CAMPFIRE is unique in that it can be used as a second crowdfunding platform even after the first project has been launched on other platforms.
Therefore, you can promote your product to the Japanese domestic market first on Makuake or GREENFUNDING and then continue on CAMPFIRE.

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